Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chas' Friendly Bill Splitter

RDH Software is pleased to announce the release of Chas' Friendly Bill Splitter.  Find it on the Google Play Apps listing here

This app can be used to split a restaurant bill among the diners particularly when some are drinking liquor and others aren't. This way you can split the bill equitably.
  • Food will be divided by all the diners.
  • Liquor will be divided out by only the number of drinkers.
  • Tax and any restaurant mandated gratuity will be proportionally split. Drinkers will pay a proportionally higher amount of these charges since they added more to the bill with their liquor charges.
This is not meant to be the end all, be all, of bill splitting apps. It provides a relatively simple way to split a restaurant bill among friends. That's why it's called a "friendly" bill splitter.

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