My Elevation

The latest application from RDH for your Android device.

Let's face it, elevation on phones and tablets is usually not even close. If you have a data connection then that's now all in the past. My Elevation uses web services to get your precise elevation based on your coordinates. This is far more accurate than the elevation data provided by your device.
  • Follow Me Mode - Follows your current location and updates your elevation in real time.
  • Search Mode - Search for your favorite places.
  • Drop Mode - Long press on the map t drop an elevation marker.
  • Map Mode - Lets you pick one of four Google Map types.
  • 2D/3D Map - Toggle between the two modes.


  1. Where does your My Elevation app get the elevation data from, Google or some other source like USGS?

    What is the typical accuracy of the elevation?

    And lastly how large are the mapping pixels that you collect the elevation data from? (If using Google the elevation is interpolated and obscures pixel size)


    1. Hi Bruce. Could you sent an email to That would allow a more thorough discussion of your questions. Thanks.