Saturday, May 12, 2012

Altitude Retriever is Here

RDH Software is pleased to announce the release of Altitude Retriever.  Find it on the Google Play Apps listing here

Altitude Retriever corrects the altitude in your My Tracks tracks and GPX files.
Bummed out by how far off the GPS altitude is on your device? Let the Altitude Retriever fetch for out.

- Automatically correct and save My Tracks tracks
- Corrected tracks can be uploaded to Google in My Tracks just like any other except the altitude is CORRECT!
- Correct altitude in any GPX file.
- It even adds altitude data to GPX files missing altitude data

Mobile device GPS altitude data is notoriously error prone. This application will use the latitude and longitude values in a My Tracks track, or GPX file, to retrieve more accurate altitude data from the Internet. Note that if any error in your phone's a latitude and longitude will affect corrected altitude data. This will be most noticeable for data related to canyon and mountain side tracks.
NOTE: In order to use this application you must have My Tracks installed and enable sharing in My Tracks.

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